-speaks to structure

page 24 of The New Teacher Book referring to slowing the class down so it is not hectic like the rest of the world so students can, "get deeply involved and have time to pursue projects, time to make mistakes and correct them..." -speaks to comfort and safety

A personal experience of mine...
2007, one of my Tae Kwon Do classes after a belt testing.

As instructors we had Ten Class Management Rules:
(1) Set Mood and Tone of Class
(2) Create a Positive Climate

These are the first two and most important rules. The environment must be positive, structured, and safe.


“The students seemed to be asking for structure.”
The New Teacher Book (page 116)
-Story of a first grade teacher who made some major changes the 2nd day of class after a very hectic and unstructured 1st day.

It demonstrates how students want structure. If students are not shown their boundaries they feel unsure and unsafe in their environment. Many times you will have kids “test” a teacher to see their limits and this is when a teacher must act. They must establish rules and regulations right off the bat so kids feel safe and so you are tested less. This ultimately makes a more positive environment for both teacher and student and keeps order and structure in the class.

      • Why is all of this important**...the number one concern for new teachers is class management. Creating a positive, safe, and structured environment eliminates any of those class management related issues.